Mini Wireless Gaming Keyboard from Corsair now on sale at Amazon at the lowest price

gaming keyboard wireless corsair amazon lowest price offer

With a wireless gaming keyboard in mini format you are always flexible. A Corsair model is currently on sale at Amazon.

It is the Corsair Gaming K70 PRO MINI Wireless. The gaming keyboard relies on mechanical keys, a handy 60% design, a long battery life and chic RGB lighting. Perfect for small desks, when traveling or for anyone who prefers a clean design.

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Amazon: Wireless Gaming Keyboard on sale

The offer: At Amazon, the Corsair Gaming K70 PRO MINI Wireless currently costs €149. The RRP is 199.99 euros. Shipping is free.

The price in comparison: Amazon offers the best price for the wireless gaming keyboard here. Another retailer also has the model on offer for €149, but here there is an additional €7.99 for shipping. In addition, there has never been a cheaper price before. In general, the keyboard is only available for the second time under 150 euros. (Source:

Strike now: Corsair Gaming K70 PRO MINI Wireless on sale!

Corsair Gaming K70 PRO MINI Wireless

The Corsair Gaming K70 PRO MINI Wireless is a wireless gaming keyboard in 60% format. It is therefore smaller than conventional keyboards. This reduction is made possible by the removal of certain keys. You won’t find a number pad or arrow keys here. Much of it is only rarely used anyway and the area required for writing and gaming is complete and available in normal format. The design is perfect for playing and working while traveling or in a limited space, but it also makes a statement by keeping the workspace neat and tidy.

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in the Test by colleagues from GameStar the model from Corsair can convince due to the good workmanship, the chic design and the long battery life. The following conclusion is drawn there:

Even though I’ve been involved with PCs for so many years, the gamer’s life always has useful surprises in store for me. This now also includes the Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless. I didn’t know before this test that I needed it, now I don’t want to be without it anymore.

And that despite the missing arrow keys. From time to time I try to use them in vain, for example to navigate in the browser. The fact that they are assigned twice to other keys when you press the FN key does not help my muscle memory, which has been trained for decades. A big catch in my eyes.

A catch, however, which advances to a real point of sale. Because only by consistently sacrificing a few keys can the K70 Pro Mini Wireless be manufactured in the 60 percent form factor. For me it is the ideal travel companion. From now on she goes everywhere with me.

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