WoW Patch 10.0.5 with UI adjustments, talent copy function and more convenience

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from Susan Brown
After only a short time after the test server for WoW Patch 10.0.5 was online, the PTR is now available again and, apart from trading posts and class balance issues, it has also been expanded to include editor options for bags, XP bars and micromenu, a talent copy function when inspecting from other characters as well as even more comfort adjustments. We have the information for you.

The WoW developers have decided to activate the Christmas season via the test server for WoW Patch 10.0.5 after it has already been available at short notice and a first impression of the new one Feature Trading Post (a bit like a Battlepass) allowed. With the recently available PTR there was also an update of the development patch notes for WoW Patch 10.0.5, which, among other things, simplifies the overloading of elemental herbs and elemental ores, explains it more clearly and teaches it to all herb collectors and mountain farmers as soon as they activate an elemental node. The developer’s explanation:

“Overload occasionally allows collectors to not only change their gameplay, but also get a nice bonus of additional elemental reagents. Requiring a specialization investment to get into the system felt too restrictive, and also didn’t give all collectors an equal opportunity to Trying something new By moving the cooldown reduction to the unlock point and making the spell available to all collectors, everyone has a chance to get involved but also get a better understanding of what the feature offers before investing points in the specialization tree .”

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Especially those of you who want to inspect other characters and look at a talent distribution can look forward to a copy function of the talent code. Easier to find settings that reduce possible triggers for motion sickness when riding a dragon. Anyone who likes to tinker with the new user interface options will be happy that XP bars, pockets and the micro menu can now be moved and no longer have to be stuck in the bottom right forever. In the picture gallery you will find some impressions of it. The update of the patch notes for WoW Patch 10.0.5 from the test server can be found below in the English original.

Whether horizontal or vertical, you can scale and align the bags to taste. [Quelle: buffed]

WoW Patch 10.0.5 – Update of the development patch notes



  • Multiple charge cooldowns will now list the time of when next charge will be available
  • Track recipe checkbox is available for recrafting
  • Enchanting items will now display an “Enchantment” prefix text in the Crafted Items window


  • Added “Use Highest Quality Reagent” checkbox to customer
  • Added option to reject an order by right-clicking on it under Personal orders tab
  • “Open All” for crafting order mail will now auto-delete the mail after receiving the item.
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Overload Elemental Deposit and Overload Elemental Herb has been slightly redesigned:

  • Overloading cooldown is no longer modified by gathering mining or herb nodes.
  • Overload is now taught to all Miners and Herbalists after collecting their first Elemental themed node.
  • Mastering the Elements unlock point now restores Overload cooldown reduction functionality.
    • Developers’ note: Overload offers the occasional moment to allow gatherers to not only change up their gameplay, but also to gain a nice bonus of extra elemental reagents. Requiring a specialization investment to engage with the system felt too restrictive and also did not offer all gatherers the same opportunity to try something new. By shifting the cooldown reduction onto the unlock point and unlocking the spell for all gatherers, everyone has an opportunity to participate but also get a better understanding of what the feature is offering before investing points into the specialization tree.