Diablo 4: Queues make beta launch a test of patience

Diablo 4: Queues make beta launch a test of patience

Is there actually someone who not expected? Diablo 4’s beta launch has been overshadowed by the usual childhood illnesses that one might expect from such a hyped title. Although the open beta takes place over two weekends and today only all the pre-orderers are allowed to gamble, the rush was apparently too much for Blizzard’s server: After we at least experienced the well-known intro (this time with our own character, cool!) and the first Monsters have knocked in the snow, the problems make themselves felt. First it comes to one disconnection (“You’ve lost connection to the game: Your client has been disconnected from the server.”) followed by error messages like Error code 300202. From then on it is no longer possible to go back into the game with the character, so Diablo 4 more or less quits the service. (The nice background music keeps playing, after all!) So we quit the game and start it again, where Diablo 4 then greets us with a juicy queue. That brings back memories of Error 37!

So Blizzard only lets the players into the game one by one to relieve the server. We are currently observing the queues on the PC, the Xbox Series S and the PS5. Currently we have Queues of up to 94 minutes in our team. (Only our Domi has miraculously no problems – the rascal just keeps playing as if nothing had happened.)

However, this is not a cause for concern: Even if server problems and queues are disappointing at first, especially if you have been looking forward to the game for a long time: they are usually simply part of the early days of many large online games. Also, this is only Open Beta: Diablo 4 (buy now ) is not finished, after all the game will not be released until June 2nd or 6th – and until then Blizzard will fix other bugs, pimp the servers and hopefully ensure that the actual launch in June goes a little smoother. Because something like disconnections, login errors, lags and more – these are all exactly the problems that a beta should bring to light. Therefore: Have a little patience and give the developers the necessary time to get the bugs under control. That’s what the beta is for, no matter how short it may be.

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