Elden Ring Update 1.05: Secret map change shows you important location that you can easily miss

Welche Erweiterungen könnten uns wohl in Elden Ring erwarten?

There aren’t as many markers in the Between Lands as in other open game worlds.

A new patch for Elden Ring was recently released. Version 1.05 brought some bugfixes for weapons, bosses and NPCs and some innovations in terms of sound beads in the New Game Plus. Other changes were quietly and secretly patched into the game that bring relief.

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers related to a boss and an important waypoint in the Elden Ring story.

Marker leads you underground

It’s all about this: In addition to the numerous innovations listed in the patch notes for update 1.05, other Quality of Life features have been secretly integrated into the Elden Ring. Reddit user dark4mje noticed that at a very specific story progression, a marker appears on the map that didn’t exist before.

This is the marker: If you defeat Radahn, the boss of Redmane Castle, you will hear about a meteorite impact. However, many players may not have been very clear that it is now a matter of finding the point of impact – or where to look for it. Now a marker can help in this case.

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This is how it used to be: The meteorite crater can be seen from afar because it is not just a hole in the ground. It is accompanied by floating boulders in the air. Anyone who has so far discovered these without the marker in the intermediate land will probably also have had the idea of ​​investigating the whole thing. But of course you have to ride through Limgrave after the Radahn fight.

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In this video we take a close look at the success of Elden Ring:

Elden Ring vs Dark Souls - Why is the new game so much more successful?


Elden Ring vs Dark Souls – Why is the new game so much more successful?

Nokron: Not only does Ranni’s questline continue in Nokron, but you will also find the strongest spirit ashes there, namely the impersonator’s tear, which imitates your appearance, your weapons and armor and can therefore be a very strong support in battle. So this is a really important part of the game, not just a little wayside attraction.

Other Quality of Life features: Update 1.05 has also ensured that we can now see how much of the currency is actually in our rune items. For example, earlier innovations brought markers for NPCs.

Samara Summer

Unlike other open world titles, Elden Ring does without a multitude of markers and quest logs to show us the way. I’m one of the players who find it a pleasant change. It strengthens my immersion and appeals to my spirit of discovery.

However, I can understand that some players go against the grain. Especially the section mentioned can degenerate into annoying searching and I often got lost in the Ranni quest myself trying to interpret the statements of the NPCs correctly. I was very afraid of missing something. However, when I found the cave entrance, it was one of the big aha moments for me that I might not have had if I had seen the marker on the map.

So on the one hand I’m glad I was able to discover this secret myself, but I’m also glad that updates like this bring more convenience and maybe make sure that fewer people give up in frustration. After all, none of us has infinite time for a game.

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What do you think of this change or of the post-patched features of this kind in general?