Batgirl: Canceled film was shown once, now it’s in the poison closet

Batgirl: Canceled film was shown once, now it's in the poison closet

Unfortunately, the Batgirl film was canceled as part of the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery. The film Scoob! also fell victim to this merger. Holiday Haunt and the new Batman series. Some of these projects have already been fully filmed and are just waiting to be released, but unfortunately most people will probably never see them.

Only select people are allowed to see Batgirl

In order to at least pay the last respects to the Batgirl film, so-called “funeral screenings” take place. A select group of insiders, including the film’s crew, get to see the Batgirl film in all its glory, as reported by Hollywood Reporter. After that, however, it will probably never be shown again.

Like reporters Bory’s Kit explained on Twitter, a demonstration was held as recently as August 24th. However, Kit doesn’t elaborate on who got to watch the film closely. Of course, not only DC fans don’t like the fact that the film won’t be open to the public, but also the actors involved in the film. For example, an actor in the film spoke to Indiewire, casually calling the Warner boss an idiot.