WoW Dragonflight: Season 1 brings tomorrow’s 1st raid and world events for strong loot

WoW Dragonflight: Season 1 brings tomorrow's 1st raid and world events for strong loot

Season 1 of WoW Dragonflight starts on December 14, 2022. MeinMMO reveals what new content is coming and what you can get there.

When does Season 1 start? The maintenance on Wednesday, December 14th is scheduled to take place between 3:00 and 5:00 German time. In the USA, however, the maintenance work takes 2 hours longer than stated here.

Therefore, expect that the servers may not go live again until around 7:00 a.m. From then on you can play all new content of Season 1.

What’s in Season 1? The update opens new activities for level 70, with which you can get some powerful loot:

  • the first raid, the vault of incarnations on normal, heroic and mythic
  • the Raid Browser opens the first wing on December 21st
  • 4 new world bosses
  • Season 1 for Mythic+ with 8 dungeons
  • World Event “Primal Storms”
  • the 1st PvP season of Dragonflight with a new arena

There are also changes to some classes. There is about a nerf for all tanks, but also adjustments for DPS classes. You can find all class changes in the Blizzard forum post.

In our tier list for Dragonflight you can see which classes are currently doing best. We will provide you with the real results of the players in the raid after the start of Season 1. Our DPS list for World of Warcraft will then also be revised

In the special you will find all information about Dragonflight, in the trailer the most important features are presented again:

WoW shows the most important features of Dragonflight in the gameplay trailer, fans praise: “Finally hype again”

Vault of Incarnations – Bosses and Loot

What kind of raid is this? The entrance to the Vault of Incarnations is to the east of Thaldraszus, just past Tyrhold from Valdrakken. For the normal, heroic and mythical versions you don’t need any further requirements, you can simply visit the raid. In the Raid Browser later, you need an average item level of 359.

You will find 8 bosses in the dungeon with the proto-dragon lady Raszageth as the final boss. You already met Raszageth in the intro of Dragonflight and she also appeared again and again in the campaign. For many, she is already better than the big end boss of Shadowlands:

WoW: Raszageth is already a better villain than the Jailer was in 2 years

What loot drops? Depending on the difficulty and boss, you will receive equipment of different strengths in the raid:

  • Raid Finder: 376-385
  • Normal: 389-398
  • Heroic: 402-411
  • Mythical: 415-424

Under the loot you will also find tokens for set parts of your class. Some bosses also have the chance of “very rare” loot, which is another 6 levels above the item level that is usually found on the boss.

Incidentally, Destiny “BoE” loot is initially bound when picked up. So you can’t just buy loot. You can also find items on heroic and mythical bosses that you can use to craft improvements for crafting professions.

These optional reagents increase the item level of certain crafted items up to 405 (Heroic) or 415 (Mythic). But you need a correspondingly strong crafting skill. We’ll tell you how best to level up professions.

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Also available in the Dungeon are mounts through loot and achievements, as well as the Incarnation of the Stormeater template, which allows you to give your Renewed Proto-Drake the appearance of Raszageth.

The rune is a template for Dragonflight’s popular Dragon Ride feature. Here is some gameplay of the feature:

4 minutes gameplay of Dragon Riding, the new feature in WoW Dragonflight

Mythic+ Season 1 – Dungeons and Loot

Which dungeons can I play in Season 1? In Season 1 you have 4 dungeons from Dragonflight and 4 dungeons from old expansions available as mythical keystone dungeons:

  • Algeth’ar Academy
  • ruby life pool
  • Azure Vault
  • Attack of the Nokhud
  • Court of Stars (Legion)
  • Halls of Valor (Legion)
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent (Mists of Pandaria)
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (Warlords of Draenor)

What loot can I get? Depending on the level at which you complete a dungeon, you get different levels of loot in Mythic+:

  • Tier 2 grants level 376 items upon completion
  • every 2 levels there are 3 levels more – up to 405 at level 20
  • in the weekly Great Treasury up to item level 421 is possible if you have completed a dungeon at level 20

Similar to the raid, at a certain level you will receive crafting materials that you can use to produce optional reagents. These increase the item level of certain manufactured items up to 405 or 415. We’ll tell you how you can best skill professions in Dragonflight.

There are also bravery points again, with which you can upgrade your prey from Season 1 up to level 415 if you have reached a corresponding rating.

In our guide you will learn how to equip yourself ideally at level 70:

World Bosses and Primal Storms

What world events are there? In Season 1 you can defeat 4 weekly changing world bosses, each located in one of the 4 areas. In addition, primordial storms start regularly in the areas, similar to the pre-event for Dragonflight.

What loot drops?

  • World bosses drop level 389 items
  • In Primal Storms, you’ll receive various badges that you can exchange for level 359 (rare) or 385 (epic) equipment, as well as pets and a mount

The epic Ursturm items are sets that grant you a bonus if you equip several parts of them. In Primal Storms, you can also loot heirloom jewelry, which you can use to level up your alternate characters faster. However, keep in mind that you can only get the items to purchase epic gear once per week per storm type.

There are even plans for WoW after Season 1, a whole new feature will then regularly provide you with chic loot:

WoW: The trading post gives you new mounts every month, comes with a “Battle Pass”