All 54 MMORPGs currently in development for PC

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MMORPG is a popular genre, but developing a game takes a lot of time. Therefore, many years often pass between the announcement and the release. We have created this small overview so that you can keep track of which games are in the works.

What games are on the list here? We have listed here all MMORPGs that are being developed for the PC. These will be presented briefly and, if possible, we have included a trailer for them. Details about the games can be found in the links below.

We’ve tried to include as many games as possible in the list, but omitted a few titles that don’t call themselves MMORPGs, such as Crimson Desert.

The aim is to cover as many as possible, but there is a possibility that we have forgotten individual titles. You are welcome to draw our attention to missing games in the comments.

Aion Classic

What kind of game is this? Aion Classic is a new version of the MMORPG based on the old version of Patch 2.0. You can level your character up to level 55, visit different maps, experience dungeons and PvP and of course fly.

However, there are some adjustments, including the new systems Daeva Pass and Siel’s Energy. You can find out more about this in this article: MMORPG Aion is based on the success of WoW – Now brings Classic servers to Europe.

Aion Classic – Trailer for the EU release

What is the current status of the game? Aion Classic is currently in the final implementation for Europe. In America and in Korea, the new version of the MMORPG has been around for a long time.

When should it appear? The Classic servers will appear in Europe in early 2023.

ArcheAge 2

What kind of game is this? Like its predecessor, ArcheAge 2 relies on sandbox elements and a lot of freedom. There should be tons of quests, housing, ships and ship battles, dungeons and of course PvP. There is also a big focus on the economy and trade between players.

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However, ArcheAge 2 should offer fewer features overall, but think them through better and design them more deeply. The combat system is even more action-packed. The new MMORPG is also implemented in Unreal Engine 5, which makes it graphically very pretty.

Everything about the new MMORPG ArcheAge 2, the great hope for sandbox fans

What is the current status of the game? ArcheAge 2 is currently in development. New details were most recently revealed at the G-Star in November 2022.

When should it appear? 2024 is the official release year for ArcheAge 2.

Arthdal ​​Chronicles

What kind of game is this? Arthdal ​​Chronicles is the first MMORPG on this list to come to PC and mobile. The world is based on the Netflix series of the same name, also known as the “Korean Game of Thrones”.

The MMORPG relies on a dynamic weather system, a day/night cycle and real obstacles in the world. For example, you need the right clothes to enter certain places, or you have to build a bridge yourself to get to the other side of the river.

Although there will be a mobile version, Arthdal ​​Chronicles is said to be without auto-play. You can find more details here:

New MMORPG wants to be particularly realistic – reveals information about the PC version, but one detail is annoying

New MMORPG Arthdal ​​Chronicles wants to be particularly realistic – See the first trailer here

What is the current status of the game? The MMORPG is currently still in development. New details were most recently revealed at the G-Star in November 2022.

When should it appear? So far there is no concrete statement about the release date.


What kind of game is this? Arvita is an indie MMORPG originally announced under the name Astaria. It is being developed by just one person and will be released via Steam.

The special highlight is a game master system in which the developer or selected moderators can activate random events or make bosses appear. So you should have to fight “against the developers”.

Otherwise, it promises the usual things like six different classes, an action combat system, dungeons, and crafting. More on that here: New MMORPG on Steam focuses on fights against the developers – scheduled for release in 2023.

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What is the current status of the game? Arvita has already held several tests with players. Recently, new areas were presented.

When should it appear? The release is scheduled for 2023.

Ashes of Creation

What kind of game is this? Ashes of Creation is a sandbox MMORPG that aims to appeal to both PvP and PvE fans. As a major innovation, it relies on the so-called node system.

The entire open game world is divided into zones, each containing a city. This city starts out as a small collection of tents and can grow into a massive metropolis. For this, the players have to complete tasks in the city and the associated area. However, the cities can also be attacked, destroyed and conquered at fixed times.

In addition, there are 9 different peoples and 8 classes, whereby each class can be combined with a second one. The game also attracts attention with its nice graphics in Unreal Engine 5. More on the current status:

What about Ashes of Creation, the new MMORPG hope from the west, in 2022?

MMORPG Ashes of Creation wants to be even more realistic – shows great weather effects and seasons

What is the current status of the game? In 2021 the first Alpha without NDA took place. Ashes of Creation still seemed quite unfinished. Currently, everyone is eagerly awaiting Alpha 2. The developers also release a new video every month.

When should it appear? Officially, Ashes of Creation should be released in 2019. Since then it has been repeatedly postponed. A new year was not mentioned recently. We think 2024/25 is realistic.


What kind of game is this? Ateron should be a classic MMORPG, which is mainly based on WoW. It relies on a Holy Trinity, different classes, dungeons and raids. PvP should only exist in arenas.

But not only in terms of content, it is also visually reminiscent of WoW. Areas were recreated that are reminiscent of Stormwind and the farm with the princess pig. However, there is one big difference: blockchain. Ateron relies on NFTs and wants players to be able to make real money.

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New MMORPG looks like WoW – In Unreal Engine and with NFTs

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What is the current status of the game? In the meantime, the first Ateron trailer has been deleted. The website for the game is still there. However, there have not been any updates for a long time.

When should it appear? There is currently no statement on the release date.


What kind of game is this? Avalon is a blockchain NFT MMORPG. It takes place in the world of King Arthur and the Knights of Camelot. It advertises its own land that you can buy. After that, you earn what other players are doing in your country.

You should be able to complete quests on your own, for dungeons, raids and PvP you then have to rely on other players. As a Free2Play player, it should be possible to participate in everything and even earn a few tokens.

Avalon MMORPG Trailer

What is the current status of the game? The developers regularly show content from the alpha in the live stream.

When should it appear? Avalon is scheduled for release in 2023.


What kind of game is this? Bellatores is supposed to be a fantasy MMORPG that focuses on a medieval world. Although the developer is based in Korea, the West should be the target group.

An important part is the story, in the course of which you should be able to make decisions. Otherwise, the endgame is mainly based on huge PvP battles in which entire continents are supposed to fight against each other.

New MMORPG Bellatores appears on Steam in Unreal Engine 5 – focuses on the Middle Ages

What is the current status of the game? Actually, a first playable version should come out in 2022, which would have been more of an alpha or beta, but not the release. But so far there is not even a gameplay trailer.

When should it appear? The last statement is still that there should be a playable version in 2022.